The Costco drink I make whenever I'm sick.


Now that we're firmly entrenched in the new year with holiday festivities and goal-setting behind us, it seems like I'm indulging in one last pro-winter game: colds, flu cases, and another wave. avoid COVID.

Thankfully, I'm armed with my secret weapon, a heavy-duty jar from Costco that I always keep on the bottom shelf of my fridge door: Vonbee Honey Citron & Ginger Tea.

This honey citron tea is a little different than your standard tea bag—it comes in the form of a sticky jelly marmalade that has to be dissolved in hot water. Basically, citrus fruit peels are preserved in sugar and then mixed with honey and ginger. It preserves essential oils from citrus fruits that pack tons of vitamin C and flavor into your tea.

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Why I Love Wonbee Honey Citron Ginger Tea

For me, citron tea is much better than standard orange juice or lemon tea, especially when I'm sick. It is similar in taste to yuja cheong, a Korean marmalade made with the yuja fruit since the Joseon dynasty (you may also have heard it called yuzu in Japanese).

It is very aromatic and sweet without the citrusy acidity, but has a more pleasant bitter taste that prevents it from being too bitter when consumed in large quantities. This fruit also has two to three times more vitamin C than lemon juice, so it does double duty.

Whenever I'm sick, I fill a thermos with this tea to carry around the apartment. One winter, I was feeling very ill but needed to attend an event, and this tea was the only thing that soothed my dry, scratchy throat and kept me from completely losing my voice. gave I felt much better the next day despite the labor.

The added ginger gives it just the kick to help clear out my sinuses in particular, much needed after a lot of nose blowing and sniffling.

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How do I use Vonbee Honey Citron and Ginger Tea?

To prepare, I put two tablespoons of Winby Honey Lemon and Ginger Tea in my favorite mug and top with about eight ounces of boiling water. It may seem like a lot, but don't skimp! This ratio is critical to maintaining the perfect balance of soothing liquid sweetness, just the right consistency to soothe your sore throat.

Even when I'm not sick, I turn to this steron tea throughout the week. It's a great after-dinner tea option for guests, and I also like to make a cup next to my drafty window and steam radiator sometimes before bed (New York apartments are so dry!). Looking for a fun boozy take? You can even use it to make a hot toddy by mixing a spoonful of hot water and whiskey, or a teaspoonful into a small cup of hot sake.

Even though Vonbee Honey Citron & Ginger Tea comes in such a large Costco-sized jar (you'll find it in single or two-packs of 4.4-pound jars), it will last indefinitely in your fridge. It's also incredibly versatile, which is key to working your way through it. I've been known to spread a dollop of cream cheese on my toast or mix a dollop with olive oil and vinegar to make a quick vinaigrette. In the summertime, it serves as the base for an uber-refreshing citron-ade (just mix it with some seltzer or soda!).

As you sip yourself a cup of tea to ward off those winter blues, the fragrant lemon scent will be beckoning your entire family too.


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