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As a native southerner, I'm a buttermilk loyalist. While I understand that not everyone keeps a carton of buttermilk ready, you really should. There are many alternatives, but they are not the same. The real thing is complex, creamy, affordable, and lasts surprisingly long in the fridge. It's a key ingredient in flaky biscuits, savory pancakes, crispy fried chicken, and creamy ranch dressing.

Not that I needed more reasons to love buttermilk, but Sumin Nusrat's Buttermilk Chicken is certainly a good reason. She took the world by storm upon the release of her hit cookbook, Salt, fat, acid, heat. Nusrat marinates a whole chicken in buttermilk and salt before roasting, resulting in a flavorful, juicy and crispy bird.

After enjoying this recipe over the years, I have made a few changes. For one, I use the same brining method for chicken. piecesWhich takes less time and results in even smoother skin. It's also easy to fit in your fridge for marinating.

And when buttermilk is already included, why not add some spices and herbs and turn it into farm chicken? The result is tender, flavorful chicken with just the right amount of ranch flavor. Finished with an optional squirt of fresh lemon and a shower of fresh herbs, it's perfect for anything from a weeknight to a dinner party.

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Adapt this recipe.

Different cuts of chicken.: I often buy a whole chicken and break it into two breasts and two quarters, but you can substitute two bone-in skin-on chicken thighs, skin-on chicken breasts, and four bones. I highly recommend using chicken that is bone in and skin on as it will be juicier and more flavorful. Also, half the reason to use buttermilk marinade is for dry skin.

Scale the recipe down.: If you want to roast a couple of chicken breasts, cut the marinade ingredients in half – you'll have half of the form for next time. Marinating and roasting time will remain the same.

Winning Sides for Ranch Chicken


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