This is the only store-bought mayo that Julia Child uses.


Julia Child loved homemade, French-style mayonnaise so much that she devoted an entire episode of her show “The French Chef” to it. Between her wonderful cookbook and television show recipes, there are dozens for all kinds of homemade mayonnaise—even a set with gelatin! Julia was such a dedicated French mayonnaise maker that it seems she never touched the store-bought stuff.

It turns out, Julia used store-bought mayonnaise not only on rare occasions. She regularly ate tuna and potato salad, as well as her salad nicoise with jarred mayo, especially in the last years of her life.

When she wasn't whipping up mayonnaise by hand, she reached for Hellman's Mayo. Most famously, food writer Dorie Greenspan called this insight a The New York Times Story. According to Dorey, Julia regularly prepared tuna salad served on toasted English muffins for workday lunches while working on the cookbook, “Baking with Julia.”

(Julia Hellman isn't alone in her love—Anna Garten and Stanley Tucci are fans of the beloved mayonnaise brand.)

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How does Hellman differ from French-style Mayo?

Hellmann's mayo is very different from Julia's classic French version. American-style mayo, like Hellman's, uses whole eggs, lemon juice and oil and is seasoned with salt and sometimes a little sugar. French-style mayonnaise uses egg yolks and mustard in addition to lemon juice and oil, and is seasoned with salt. These differences give Hellman's mayo a lighter texture and less tangy flavor that will pair well with Julia's favorite packaged oily tuna.

Hellmann's Mayo was created and marketed by a German immigrant and deli owner in New York City in the 1920s. After several mergers between the food brands, Hellmann's and Best Foods Mayo were consolidated into a single recipe, but the label stuck to Hellman's, a longtime favorite east of the Rocky Mountains, such as Cambridge. , Massachusetts where Julia lived from 1961 to 2001.

As Julia excels in her work as a food personality and cookbook author, her love for Hellman's proves that the best home cooks can master classic cooking and modernize it. Can also reach the facility.


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