W&P Microwave Silicone Popper Review (Best Popcorn Maker)


I've been hooked on popcorn since middle school, when I discovered that bags of steamed, salty, fake-buttered microwave popcorn made the perfect afternoon snack. At this point in my life (several decades removed from middle school), I'm pretty sure my body is at least 73% popcorn.

Over the years, I've moved away from those bags of prepackaged microwave popcorn and steadily worked my way through every conceivable method for my popcorn, from our Simply Recipes stovetop method to to the kind of countertop gadgets that promised the best movie bowls. Theater popcorn. They all worked fine (I stand by my stove method!), but I still felt like I was chasing some imaginary popcorn-popping Holy Grail.

I'm happy to say that I've now come full circle on my popcorn journey and am back to making microwave popcorn — no, not the prepackaged stuff! The best popcorn popper I have ever found is the W&P Microwave Silicone Popper.

What I Look for in Popcorn (and a Popcorn Popper)

My platonic ideal for popcorn is the big, dry, crunchy puff. I want those kernels to pop completely and look like bursting cotton balls. No shy, undersized, barely popped kernels in my bowl please.

Some of this has to do with the type of popcorn kernels you buy, but a lot has to do with the way the popcorn is made.

I don't particularly like popcorn in oil or butter. For me, it creates a chewier, smaller puff than I like. I've had good luck with air-popped methods, especially popping the kernels in a brown paper lunch bag in the microwave…although this method produces less popcorn than I'd like, sometimes with burnt popcorn or cows. Causes bags, and results in a substantial number of unpopped kernels.

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Why I Love the W&P Popper

This lead me to the discovery of the W&P Microwave Silicone Popper. I wanted something that was Reusablewhich made at least Eight cups of popcornWhat else No oil was needed. I also didn't want another gadget taking up a ton of space in my closet or having to pull out my favorite snack every time I craved it.

W&P Popper is all of these things.

The bowl doesn't look that big out of the box so I was initially skeptical of its promised 9.3 cup capacity, but it didn't let me down! I usually like to pop between 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup of kernels at a time, and with the W&P Popper, it's only toward the very end that the popped popcorn starts to push against the lid of the bowl. Is. By this time, there are only a few unsightly kernels left, so I'm never worried about making a popcorn blizzard in my microwave.

And here's another thing: every other method and gadget I've tried leaves plenty of unpopped kernels. But not the W&P Popper! There are definitely some duds at the bottom of the bowl, but overall, this popper has an enviable finish rate.

Popcorn is also just the way I like it. The individual pieces are completely flaky, super light and super crunchy. I put it in a big bowl with my favorite toppings and I'm ready to watch a movie.

Last but not least, this silicone kit cleans up easily and collapses to the size of a small Tupperware for easy storage. Since I'm not using oil, I usually give the popcorn a quick rinse between uses to remove any debris and then give it a deep clean in the dishwasher once a week.

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A few questions I have with this popper

The W&P Popper is almost perfect, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a few downsides. For one thing, the silicone material is fairly floppy, which can make fitting the lid over the top, removing the bowl from the microwave, and pouring (or eating) from the popper a bit of a challenge.

Second, the silicone material of the bowl gets very hot in the microwave. I use oven mitts to remove it and also when pouring, but I would not recommend small children handling the popper unsupervised..

If you want to add any toppings, you need to put the popcorn in a separate bowl. It's not a deal breaker for me, but I mention it in case it is for you!

My Perfect Bowl of Popcorn

I'll end this love note for the W&P Popper with how I make my perfect bowl of popcorn. My go-to toppings are coconut oil (I use a spray), fine sea salt, and either nutritional yeast if I'm in a savory mood or this one from The Spice House if I'm in a sweet mood. Maple Butter Seasoning.

I put about a third of the popcorn in a large bowl, drizzle it with coconut oil, and sprinkle it with salt and spices. Then I layer on the second third and repeat, finishing with the last layer. It gives me the perfect ratio of popcorn and toppings in every bite without having to worry about tossing or drizzling.


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