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30 minute meal There are secret tools to make Saturday run smoothly.

This collection of recipes will keep everyone happy and full! Choose from simple chicken dishes and sandwiches to kid-friendly meals!

Take the fuss out of dinner with one of these easy and quick meal options.

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Quick Kitchen Preparation Tips

  • Prepare the ingredients before you start cooking. This includes chopping and dicing vegetables or meat and preparing sauces.
  • Use a convection oven or use an air fryer. Convection ovens are a great way to cook food faster.
  • Remember to preheat the pan and oven before you start cooking. When the food is ready, the oven will be ready to do its job properly!
  • If cooking pasta, add a little salt to the water. This addition will bring the water to a faster boil. And don't forget to add a lid to the pot!
  • Planning is also key. Meal planning for the week and preparing meals ahead of time will cut down on time in the kitchen.
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  1. Quick Kitchen Preparation Tips
  2. Chicken dishes
  3. Fun food and kid favorites
  4. The sandwich
  5. Pasta dishes and stir fries

Chicken dishes

Healthy and versatile, chicken is the perfect main meat for those nights when a dish needs to be prepared in a hurry.

Dijon chicken breasts are pan-fried.
Dijon Chicken Breasts

Tender and juicy chicken breasts are simmered on the stove in a creamy Dijon sauce for a quick and easy dinner!

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Top view of cooked udon stir fry
Chicken Udon Stir Fry

Fresh vegetables, juicy chicken, and udon noodles are tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce for a quick and easy Asian meal!

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Mushroom chicken with pan-fried pasta
Mushroom Chicken with Pasta

Juicy chicken breast slices in a creamy mushroom sauce with your favorite pasta.

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Plated Teriyaki Chicken Bowls
Teriyaki Chicken Bowls

Teriyaki chicken bowls are better and cheaper than takeout!

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A skillet of chicken piccata garnished with lemon wedges
Chicken Piccata Recipe

Chicken Piccata features fork-tender chicken breast simmered in a lemony white wine sauce with capers.

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Chicken and broccoli with cheese sauce on a serving plate
Cheese chicken and broccoli

Chicken and Broccoli in Homemade Cheese Sauce is a delicious entree or side dish!

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Fun food and kid favorites

Kids and adults alike will love this fun and quick meal.

Top view of tortilla pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms
Tortilla Pizza

This recipe makes the perfect crispy crust tortilla pizza!

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Zucchini slices on a pizza pan.
Zucchini Pizza Bites

Make a batch of bite-sized zucchini pizzas topped with tangy sauce, rich cheese and your favorite toppings!

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Walking Tacos with a Fork
Walking Tacos

This easy walking taco recipe is perfect for parties for a fun twist on taco night! Make a taco in a chip bag!

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Homemade One Pot Cheeseburger Macaroni in a Bowl.
Homemade Cheeseburger Macaroni.

This cheeseburger macaroni recipe is an easy one made with cheese, macaroni, and ground beef.

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Close-up of baked French bread pizza
French Bread Pizza

This is the easiest way to make pizza for a crowd! French Bread Pizza is cheesy, flavorful, and so much fun to make.

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The sandwich

For lunch or dinner, sandwiches are a filling and delicious option!

Ham and cheese croissant with sesame seeds
Ham and Cheese Croissant

Savory ham and cheese is tucked inside a flaky croissant with homemade sauce, then baked until perfectly melted!

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Leftover Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Sauce
Turkey sandwich

Here's an easy way to turn Thanksgiving leftovers into the perfect turkey sandwich!

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A close-up of a ham sandwich
Our favorite ham sandwich

Make this ultimate ham sandwich using holiday leftovers for an easy lunch or dinner on the go!

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Open-faced hot turkey sandwich with parsley and pepper
Hot turkey sandwich

A hot turkey sandwich is a hot and delicious way to enjoy leftover turkey and gravy!

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2 halves of a blt sandwich are stacked.
How to Make the Perfect BLT

This BLT recipe is quick, easy, and full of flavor. Add avocado or an egg for a fun twist!

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Pasta dishes and stir fries

Pasta dishes can't be beat for their simplicity and heartiness and pair well with cheaper cuts of meat like ground beef and, of course, tomatoes.

Stir fries are quick, healthy and go great with rice!

Broccoli pasta on a white plate with a wooden spoon
Instant Broccoli Pasta

Easy and quick broccoli pasta is the perfect delicious hot lunch or easy dinner when time is short!

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Creamy garlic pasta in a bowl with gold colored dishes
Creamy Garlic Pasta

This creamy garlic pasta is a budget-friendly dish that comes together in 20 minutes!

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Close the lemon pasta in the pot for 20 minutes.
20 Minute Lemon Pasta

This quick and easy lemon pasta is flaky and shiny and, best of all, ready in about 20 minutes.

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Shrimp scampi in a bowl with lemon wedges and fork.
Easy Shrimp Scampi Recipe

Ready in just 20 minutes, this easy shrimp scampi has a delicious white wine butter sauce. Serve with spaghetti, angel hair pasta, or bread and a side salad for an easy meal.

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Garnish the egg roll in a bowl with green onions and sesame seeds.
Egg roll in a bowl

Egg Roll in a Bowl is a quick and delicious meal with our favorite egg roll flavors in one easy bowl.

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Pan filled with cooked cauliflower stir-fry
Saute garlic cabbage.

Cauliflower stir-fry is a healthy and flavorful dish that's better than takeout!

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