Martha Stewart's trick for the perfect baked potato every time

When it comes to potatoes, you may have your favorite cut and mashed potatoes for fries, but it's hard to argue that when it comes to baked potatoes, the classic is the best.

Baked potatoes approach russet potatoes for purest baking because they are starchy, low in moisture, and thick-skinned. These properties contribute to a crisp, creamy interior that is encased in a crispy skin when baked. However, cooking icon Martha Stewart disagrees.

A few years ago, Martha took to Instagram to share a beauty shot of her lunch — a baked potato with a big dollop of sour cream. At first glance, I thought it was a russet potato, but the caption surprised me.

“Usually we don't cook big Yukon gold potatoes but yesterday I mixed in a couple big Idaho spuds and slow roasted them at 325 for an hour and a half,” says Martha. He had baked Yukon gold potatoes, which surprised me.

According to senior editor Sarah Beer, “High-moisture potatoes, like redskins or Yukon golds, are perfect for wet heat: steam and boil. They're low in starch and stay firm after baking, which you'll find baked. I don't want potatoes.” So why does Martha recommend Yukon Golds for baking? Here's why.

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How Martha Stewart Makes Yukon Gold Potatoes

Because Yukon Gold potatoes have a high moisture content, they can withstand the heat without drying out or falling as long as you treat them properly.

Martha recommends cooking them on low (325°F) for about an hour and 30 minutes.. (Russet potatoes are typically cooked at 400°F to 450°F for less than an hour.)

Then, Martha throws out another curveball recommendation. As soon as they come out of the oven, grab each potato with a clean kitchen towel (they're hot!) and smash it on the kitchen counter to release the creamy inside and gently break the skin.

These baked potatoes are truly a work of culinary alchemy: thin, cracked skin with a mound of butter and intensely creamy potato inside. They are denser than rusts, but because they are cooked low and slow, they will be light and melt-in-your-mouth creamy.

Once you try this recipe, I'm sure you'll never make baked potatoes any other way. Maybe start thinking about the recipes you can make with that big bag of leftovers gathering dust in your pantry.

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