$2.49 ALDI Find I buy every time I go.


Feeding tweens often means cooking three small meals each day in addition to the three regular meals to keep their appetites at bay. So when I find a product that makes any of these meals easier or more satisfying, I buy double. And a product that helps you feed yourself? I keep it in bulk so I never run out.

A mommy friend introduced me to Mama Cozy's Mini Pizza Crusts this summer and I grabbed some at ALDI during the week for a quick lunch. To my surprise, both my daughters fell in love with these crusts.

Cheese is all you need to make a satisfying pizza and, in partnership with the air fryer, my 12-year-old makes it for himself regularly. This pizza is an after-school snack she likes, but she can make a quick meal after soccer practice or even after dinner when she's hungry. We've even made them a family meal on busy weeknights.

These shelf-stable pizzas are affordable — just $2.49 for three — and come in both original and thin. Each package contains three individual sauce packets. This means my daughter doesn't even have to scoop out jarred pizza sauce (or a spoon!), so she doesn't have to clean up when she makes herself one (or more) snacks. It doesn't happen.

I regularly buy three packages of Mama Cozy's Mini Pizza Crusts every other week on my ALDI runs.

How we make Mama Cozy's Mini Pizza Crusts

The directions for cooking Mama Cozy's pizza are pretty straightforward: Preheat oven to 400°F, top with sauce, and bake for seven to nine minutes on a sheet pan, which you line with foil for easy clean-up. can do

Mama Cozy recommends drizzling the edges of the crust with a little olive oil for extra crispiness, and I find that's essential—it helps brown the crust, which adds flavor and texture. Upgrades the structure.

While plain cheese is my daughter's favorite, I've been known to ditch the sauce packet for a little alfredo sauce, spinach, mushrooms and feta for grown-up lunches during busy work weeks. The topping possibilities are endless.

Simple recipes / photo illustration by Wanda Abraham / Aldi

How to Air Fry Mama Cozy's Mini Pizza Crusts

The true power of these mini pizza crusts was revealed when I realized my daughter could cook them herself in the air fryer! Although the oven direction is fairly simple, it takes longer to heat up and requires taking a pan in and out of the oven. With the air fryer, she can use a small square of parchment to make her pizza and easily lift it in and out of the air fryer. Even with a few minutes of preheating the air fryer, she can have a pizza ready in less than 15 minutes.

Thanks to their shelf-stable packaging, I probably could (and should) buy these Mama Cozy Mini Pizza Crusts by the case so I never run out of my favorite in-between meals.


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