Mary May Beans Recipe (20 minutes)


Mary Mary Chicken has taken the internet by storm over the past few years, and its popularity has spawned countless riffs. One of those riffs is Mary May Beans, which intrigued me—I love me some creamy beans. Most of the recipes I encountered used chickpeas and, while delicious, I decided that white beans would provide a creamier result.

After wandering around the kitchen, I have now added this dish to my regular rotation. These beans are creamy and rich thanks (again) to beans, a dash of cream, and parmesan cheese, and are packed with umami flavor thanks to sun-dried tomatoes and garlic.

Simply put, it's incredibly delicious and it's ready in less than 20 minutes. Pair it with some yummy sourdough bread for dipping and it's my perfect weekday meal.

Best sun-dried tomatoes for my beans

For cooking purposes, I prefer sun-dried tomatoes soaked in oil as they stay moist and plump. I also love using oil for cooking, from frying eggs to making vinaigrettes. In this recipe, I use oil straight from the jar to add extra flavor to the beans.

Not all sun-dried tomatoes are created equal. High-quality tomatoes packed in olive oil will result in a more flavorful, umami-filled finished dish.

Are there leftover sun-dried tomatoes? Use them to make pesto!

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Adjust the recipe to your taste

This recipe is easy to adapt depending on your preferences and dietary restrictions.

Beans: Any type of white bean will work, such as cannellini, navy, and great northern.

Spice: Adjust the amount of pepper flakes according to your heat tolerance, or leave them out altogether.

Cream: You can also skip the cream as the beans are creamy enough on their own. Add an extra splash of broth instead.

spinach: Add a little color and nutrition by stirring in some greens like baby spinach with cream and parmesan.

The magic of the white bean


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