Our most popular chocolate cake recipe ever


One of my favorite desserts to make is one of my favorite to eat: chocolate cake. A rich, tender chocolate cake is surprisingly easy to make—much easier than vanilla cake, in my opinion. But not all chocolate cake recipes are created equal. They can easily crumble or dry out, and sometimes the flavor can fall flat.

One of the best chocolate cakes I've ever made. or Have a simple recipe sour cream chocolate cake. This is our most popular chocolate cake recipe of all time, and for good reason. This is a sheet cake, so there's no need to prepare multiple pans, make cakes, or stack them. The rest of the recipe is just as easy and only takes a few minutes to prepare. Plus, thanks to some clever tricks, it has the perfect, crisp texture and real chocolate flavor.

Why is our Sour Cream Chocolate Cake so good?

This recipe uses a few clever tricks to create a superior chocolate cake. First, it uses hot coffee mostly as a liquid. Coffee adds a wonderful flavor to the cake without making it taste like coffee. The fact that it's hot is also important – added to the batter at the end, the coffee helps activate the baking soda before it goes into the oven.

The second trick is a colder oven than usual. Most baked goods cook around the 350°F mark, but this cake bakes at 300°F for about an hour. This slow bake helps give the cake its heavenly texture while also preventing it from doming, making a nice flat top for the frosting.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the sour cream, which adds just the right amount of tang and fat. It's in the name, after all!

Just Recipes / Laurel Randolph

Tips for making this chocolate cake

  • Make sure your pan is ready. Since hot coffee activates the baking soda, you'll want to get the batter into the prepared pan and oven right after mixing.
  • Make it gluten free! I made this cake using Bob's Red Mill 1:1 Baking Flour and it turned out fantastic. No one can tell it's gluten-free.
  • Prepare your pan with cocoa powder. If you really love chocolate (like I do), use cocoa powder instead of flour when greasing and flouring the pan. It also gives the cake a neater look.
  • Go for your favorite frosting. The chocolate cake recipe has some great frosting recipes attached, but use your own. I used a variety in the icing for my chocolate depression cake last time I made it. I doubled the recipe and substituted water/coffee for heavy cream, adding a tablespoon at a time until I got the creamy consistency I wanted.
  • Smart storage. Depending on the frosting you use, you will need to refrigerate this cake. The good news is that this cake will keep in the fridge (tightly covered) for up to 5 days and will taste great cold. If you've made buttercream, I suggest letting it warm to room temperature on the counter before scooping.

Just Recipes / Laurel Randolph


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