This 1-ingredient upgrade makes my favorite breakfast taste like dessert.


I'm happy to report that after over a decade of making smoothies, I've found breakfast nirvana. It starts with a banana, frozen blueberries, and some almond milk, and ends with my piece de resistance: burlap and barrels. Everything brownie Add spices.

You only need to add a few dashes of spices on top of your smoothie to make it taste like dessert. And before you ask: Is it? Really Want your breakfast to taste like a brownie? No. Does it make waking up in the morning a little sweeter? Of course it does.

The Magic of Burlap & Barrel's Everything Brownie Seasoning

Burlap & Barrel is one of my favorite places to buy spices — they source from the best places in the world, and everything I've bought has been top quality. Their new Everything Brownie Sweet Seasoning in collaboration with Benjamin Delwich of Benjamin The Baker is no exception. “Everything Brownie achieves the childhood dream of hiding the taste of brownies in every snack and dessert,” explains Dulwich. Spices include cane sugar, cocoa powder, malt powder, and vanilla powder.

This spice really, really, honestly tastes like brownies. It's not too sweet, it doesn't taste fake, and it's well balanced. “Through testing and collaboration tours with Burlap & Barrel, we've achieved just the right amount of sweetness, saltiness and chocolate with hints of vanilla,” says Delwich. In addition to smoothies, it would also be great in other breakfast items including oatmeal, coffee, fruit, pancakes and toast with butter.

Sweet treats don't come cheap: It's $11.99 for a 3.1-ounce jar. That being said, I've used it regularly for five months and I'm only halfway through a jar. You only need a dash or two of the spice to get the desired effect. It's a small luxury that makes breakfast a little more special.

Simple recipe / photo example by Sarah Crowder / Retailer below

How I Make My Morning Smoothie

You can use Everything Brownie Seasoning to top just about any smoothie recipe, but I think it works especially well on this one, which I make most mornings for breakfast. There's something about the combination of blueberries with sweet spice that's especially delicious.

To make 2 smoothies, you will need:

  • 1 banana
  • 2 cups frozen blueberries
  • 2 cups of almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds
  • Everything brownie spice

Add everything except the Everything Brownie Seasoning to a blender and blend until smooth (I recommend following Vitamix's suggestion on how to layer your smoothie for maximum blendability) . Pour into two glasses and add two dashes of Everything Brownie Seasoning to each smoothie. Serve and enjoy.

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