According to the food editor, I can't live without a Pyrex piece


There are essential kitchen tools that no kitchen can be without: a good chef's knife, a stock pot for soup and pasta, a cheese grater… you get the idea. And then there are tools that don't seem necessary at first glance, but then creep into your daily cooking routine until you realize you can't live without them anymore.

Just like that I fell in love with my big measuring cup.

How I use my giant measuring cup for so many things.

I bought my eight-cup Pyrex measuring cup for straining homemade chicken stock, and it's a superstar for that. I put my biggest strainer on top to catch the solids and the cup is big enough to hold whatever stock I make. When finished, the pouring spout and handle make it easy to transfer stock to storage containers.

I only make stock a few times a year, and the rest of the time, my giant measuring cup collects dust and takes up space in the back of my closet.

At least until I realized I could turn Simply Recipes' beloved banana bread recipe into a one-bowl wonder with the help of this measuring cup.

I melt the butter completely in a measuring cup in the microwave, mash the bananas with a fork into the melted butter, and then add the other ingredients. Again, the pouring spout and handle make it easy to scrape the batter into the loaf tin.

With this discovery, I started making my favorite baking recipes in my large measuring cup, like our 3-Ingredient Brownie Cookies, these Blueberry Muffins, and practically any baking recipe that involves melted butter. be

From there, I kept finding more and more ways to make that big old measuring cup work. I use it to make microwave jam, when I want to save leftover pasta water, and even when I'm preparing a chopped salad for my weekday lunch, because handle salad for lunch. Makes it easy to distribute between containers. I even use this measuring cup to water my houseplants on the weekends!

Simple Recipes / Photo Illustration by Wanda Abraham / Amazon Commercial

Where to get your giant measuring cup?

Sadly, my beloved eight-cup Pyrex measuring cup seems to have been discontinued in the years since purchase, but never fear! Here are two great alternatives:

  • Le'Raze 8-Cup Measuring Cup: This looks exactly like the one I have, minus the Pyrex logo. I like that it's wide and has a flat bottom, making it easy to mix batters.
  • Amazon Commercial Glass 8-Cup Measuring Cup: Amazon's version of this measuring cup is slightly taller and more conical in shape but will also serve all the purposes I mentioned above.
  • If you're okay with doing some digging, you can find my original Pyrex measuring cup on eBay or other second-hand sites.

I've had my measuring cup for at least 10 years, and despite heavy use it has yet to chip or break. I tend to hand wash it mostly because I use it more often than I run my dishwasher, but it is dishwasher safe. I hope you enjoy your big measuring cup as much as I do!


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