This $3.99 butter was just voted the best in the world—beating out a famous French brand.

If I had to pick a favorite food group, it would be dairy. I eat yogurt and cheese every day, and a cheese board is probably my favorite meal. And the butter… it's my ride or die. Give me good bread and butter and I am happy till the end of days.

That's why I always pay attention to the results of the World Championship Cheese Competition. The biennial competition, held in Wisconsin since 1957, ranks the best cheeses, butters and yogurts according to a number of criteria. An expert judging team reviews over 3,000 dairy products — I hope they have LACTAID — to choose the best of the best. There are over 100 types of cheese alone! Oh, what a dream to be a judge.

While there are many categories of cheese, butter is more specific, with only salted, unsalted, and flavored categories available.

When I saw what won the coveted salted butter prize for 2024 (the crème de la crème of dairy awards if you ask me), I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a fancy French butter that would cost me a pretty penny to find. Instead, the winning butter is one I've seen in my own supermarket: Cabot Extra Creamy Premium Salted Butter.

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Why Cabot Creamy Won Best Butter

At the World Championships, all entries are evaluated by a panel of expert experts from around the world. They evaluate taste, appearance, texture, saltiness and more before awarding a score out of a possible 100 total points.

Cabot Creamery's salted butter won the top prize in its category with 99.65 points, a near-perfect score. The Vermont company easily beat out a French butter that cost two to three times as much.

Cabot Creamery is a New England farmer's cooperative, which makes the brand easy to love. They make a variety of cheeses, specializing in cheddar, as well as butter and yogurt. I've had their sharp cheddar cheese and it's really delicious, but now I have a new product to try: their salted butter. Found at markets as diverse as Walmart and Starmarket, it typically costs about $3.99 for eight ounces.

Now that Cabot Creamery's premium butter is an award winner, you'll see it popping up in more places.

Other Notable Winners

Cabot Creamery had a good year at the World Championship Cheese Competition. In addition to taking top honors in the salted butter category, they placed third in mild cheddar (zero to three months), medium cheddar (three to six months) and sharp cheddar (six months to one year).

If you're a die-hard cheddar fan like me, it's worth noting that another American farmer's cooperative took the top two spots in the category, Tillamook. You can find Tillamook cheese at most major grocery stores, including Target. I keep a bag of their extra sharp cheddar cheese squares in my fridge at all times.

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