Martha Stewart's 1-ingredient upgrade to the perfect potato casserole

If you have a clove of garlic, you're just one step away from Martha Stewart's easy recipe for the most delicious potato casserole. What is special about garlic cloves? It's not about the ingredient, it's about how garlic is used.

Garlic is an aromatic ingredient with incredible flavor and aroma, but it can also be overwhelming at times. Fortunately, the secret to Martha's Creamy Scalloped Potatoes and why they're so good is that she uses a simple technique to infuse the essence of garlic.

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Martha Stewart's Smart Garlic Trick

When you want the flavor of garlic, but not actual garlic, try this easy trick that Martha uses in her recipe for Potato Casserole.

Grab a clove of garlic, gently smash it, and then peel off the papery skin and expose the inside of the smashed clove. Rub the sides and bottom of your casserole dish with cloves. that's it! This will flavor your potatoes with more of a garlic “vibe” – like the garlic floats nearby and leaves a little dust on its own in the process.

Save the cloves for chopping or mincing to use in another dish and move on with your recipe.

Why is this trick so clever?

Garlic's flavor intensifies when it is cut, minced or crushed, thanks to a chemical reaction that occurs when its cell walls are damaged and exposed to oxygen. are

When you rub your casserole dish with crushed or chopped cloves, you take advantage of this reaction, using garlic to deliver garlic flavor in its most flavorful state, without any garlic. put It's subtle but perfect for dishes like Martha's Potato Casserole.

And how you can use Martha's Smart Truck.

If you think it's fun to add chopped cloves to a casserole dish, wait until you try it in other dishes!

One of my favorite ways is to use chopped or broken cloves to brush slices of bread before toasting. These garlicky (but not too much) toasties are delicious for everything from bruschetta to tuna melts.

Try the simple trick with other dishes as well. For example, rub some into your pasta or salad bowl before tossing the food in to add a touch of garlic. Or rub cloves on the skin of potatoes, sweet potatoes or other large vegetables for an extra layer of flavor before cooking. The opportunities to use “Garlic Essence” are limitless!

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