Costco's 10 Best Kirkland Products, According to 12 Parents

There are two types of Costco trips: with and without kids. When I have the luxury of strolling the aisles of the barn sans kids, there's no telling what will end up in my basket. New socks? Yes please. A plush bath mat? Absolutely. Then there are the days when I run through the aisles with three kids pushing a cart full of milk in an attempt to set a new personal record.

No matter the type of trip I make to Costco, there are several Kirkland brand items I buy every time I go. They keep my housework in check and make this wild ride of parenting a little easier.

Turns out, my passion for all things Costco is something a lot of parents have in common. I spoke with 12 parents who regularly shop at Costco to put together Kirkland's top ten must-haves. After all, a well-stocked fridge or pantry is one of the few aspects of parenting that you have some control over!

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1. Kirkland Signature Organic Peanut Butter (2-count, $12.99)

My three-year-old's body was built on this delicious peanut butter. It is made with only organic peanuts and salt and has a nice consistency. Unlike all other natural peanut butters, it does not separate easily and is never oily. It's also great for quick PB&J and baking projects. A close runner-up in this category for me and many other parents I've talked to is Kirkland's Signature Creamy Almond Butter (27 ounces, $7.99). It's a great value for almond butter and the taste and texture is amazing. I add a scoop of it to my morning smoothie to make it creamy.

2. Kirkland Organic 1% Milk (3-count, $12.67)

I don't leave my Costco without at least two packs of organic milk. I usually buy whole milk for drinking and cooking, but most parents I compared to Costco lists preferred 1% milk. This price includes three half gallons, which is an amazing deal. My local grocery store currently sells a half gallon for about $7.50, so the savings are substantial, especially when you go through three gallons a week like a family who shall remain anonymous (ok, that's me!).

Below are just recipes / photo examples by Wanda Abraham / Retailers

3. Kirkland's Signature Organic Fruit and Vegetable Pouches, Variety Pack (24 count, $14.99)

A running joke among my mom friends is that no parenting book prepares you for the time and money you'll spend buying and preparing fruit. You can also add fruit pouches to this list. With my first child, I made homemade fruit pouches. Then I wised up and bought them. On days when my middle child seems to be surviving on only goldfish and four strawberries, these organic pouches save the day. I love that they include both fruits and vegetables, and that they're shelf stable, making them perfect for tossing in a backpack for a quick and healthy school snack.

4. Kirkland Signature Trail Mix (4 lbs, $15.99)

Pretending that I buy this snack mix for my kids would be a complete and utter lie. Parents need snacks too! This mix is ​​filled with mixed nuts, plump raisins, and both plain and peanut M&M's. This is the perfect sweet and savory snack when the afternoon slump hits. It was on the list of all the parents I talked to, so you know it's a winner!

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5. Kirkland Signature Organic Pure Maple Syrup (33.8 oz, $14.99)

Let's be honest, pure maple syrup is the only way to go. My children will never know the artificial syrup struggle that raised me. That said, good things don't come cheap. It's absolutely the best price I've found it for, and I love the taste. We use it for standard waffles and pancakes, but I also bake with it often. Plus, it makes a delicious shaken maple iced coffee with Kirkland Cold Brew!

6. Kirkland Signature Organic Eggs (2 dozen, $8.63)

Two dozen eggs may seem like a lot, but many of the households I spoke to go through that pack in just one week. Mine included! Like milk, you can't beat the price. In a regular grocery store, a dozen free-range eggs will cost you about the same amount. These eggs have so much flavor on their own, and I love them for everything from baking to making pasta.

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7. Kirkland Signature Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (4.5 lbs, $13.99)

My oldest son has referred to these chocolate chips as “ganache cookies” since he was a toddler, and this may be the greatest achievement of my life. These delicious chocolate chips not only make a great ganache, cookie, brownie, and more, but they single handedly potty trained my two kids. Bribery works!

8. Kirkland Signature Five Cheese Tortelloni (3 lbs, $10.99)

These were also a hit with the group—kids of all ages loved these hearty tortellini filled with real Parmigiano-Reggiano. They're usually located in the cheese section at the store, but I keep them in my freezer so I always have them on hand for quick and easy dinners like this 30-Minute Tortellini Soup.

Below are just recipes / photo examples by Wanda Abraham / Retailers

9. Kirkland Signature Soft & Chewy Granola Bars (64 bars, $11.99)

What would a trip to Costco be without breakfast? What I love about these granola bars is that they are nice and soft for all the parents of little ones out there. In general, granola bars are hard to eat and can actually be a choking hazard due to the firm texture. These live up to their name and maintain a soft texture that is laced with just the right amount of mini chocolate chips.

10. Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes Fragrance Free (900-count, $21.99)

Okay, so it's not exactly food, but they were on almost every parent's list! While these are one of my go-to gifts for kids (you can never have enough wipes), they are a must-have for kids of all ages. I have a pack of these seemingly never ending wipes in almost every room of my house as well as my car. They are perfect for cleaning dirty faces, cleaning high chairs and cleaning spills.

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