I've used this food saver vacuum sealer for 12 years — it's 30% off during Amazon's big spring sale.


Many years ago, my father-in-law gifted my husband and I a food saver vacuum sealer. At first I didn't see how this tool would fit into our lives, but then I got a Costco membership and everything changed.

Although I quickly fell in love with Costco's positive impact on my monthly grocery bill, there were many items at the warehouse store that I never bothered to put in my cart for fear of ending up in my fridge or pantry. The last thing I wanted was to waste food because my family of two couldn't eat it before it went bad. Enter my trusted food saver vacuum sealer.

I have the most basic Food Saver vacuum sealer, which is currently part of Amazon's Big Spring Sale at 26% off ($69.99 after discount). You can also splurge on a more deluxe version with automatic bag detection and built-in vacuum bag roll storage and a cutter so you can make custom-sized vacuum bags. Fancy!

How I use my Food Saver vacuum sealer to save money.

The first Costco deal that allowed me to break into my vacuum sealer was a two-pound brick of Tillamook Two-Year Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese. This cheese is a rare bargain, but it takes the two of us at least a month, if not two, to get through the entire block. I was optimizing long-term storage by dividing the block into three pieces, wrapping each piece tightly with plastic wrap, and freezing two of them, refrigerating the third for immediate use.

However, frozen cheese becomes crumbly and difficult to grate. It's not the end of the world, but it's far from ideal. The vacuum sealer proved to be an instant life upgrade. As soon as I got home from Costco, I separated the cheese and vacuum sealed most of it. Vacuum-sealed cheese kept for months in the fridge (no freezing necessary!) without losing quality or growing mold, a discovery that allowed me to take full advantage of more Costco cheese deals.

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It also prevents food wastage.

Once I got my vacuum cellar kick started, I started to see its potential for other Costco finds. A two-pound bag of pecans goes a long way for two people, and I've been storing them in the freezer but over time the nuts picked up a freezer taste. Not so with vacuum sealed pecans! Now I vacuum pack them in 1 cup quantities so that whenever I need pecans I have a small bag ready, freezer flavor not included.

Frozen berries are another great item to vacuum seal. Although berries don't pick up freezer flavor as readily as nuts, they are prone to freezer burn. Again, the vacuum sealer comes in clutch, keeping those berries pristine until I'm ready to use them in smoothies, pancakes, and desserts.

In the more than ten years that I've owned my food saver, I've used it to seal salmon fillets when they're on sale, homemade pesto when my garden is blooming, and basil when I'm in bloom. The bunches need to be processed and the shelf extended. The life of highly perishable foods such as wheat germ and almond meal. Anything that isn't liquid is fair game.

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