3-Ingredient Salmon Recipe (15 minutes)


Salmon is my preschooler's favorite protein, so you can bet we eat it for dinner at least once a week. Because of this, I've come up with a three-ingredient recipe that's guaranteed to be a hit: I sprinkle some cilantro and dried dill, add a little oil, then bake or air-fry the fish. . That's how dinner is done.

I really hope no one around here gets tired of eating salmon because it's so quick to prepare — only 15 minutes total. And unlike other fast-cooking proteins, salmon is very forgiving. With its high fat content, salmon stays moist and tender even if you overcook it a little.

It's delicious anywhere on the spectrum from medium to well done, whether it's barely translucent in the middle, or opaque and separates easily with a fork. You can't go wrong.

I serve this three-ingredient salmon with two side dishes for a no-fuss dinner. Boxed rice pilaf, frozen vegetables steamed with butter and garlic salt — this is an easy dinner meant to be paired with easy sides. A small store-bought tartar sauce is also great.

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You can air fry or bake salmon in the oven.

For the easiest, quickest route from fridge to table, I season the salmon and bake it in my air fryer toaster oven on high heat. The air fryer preheats in about three minutes, and four-ounce filets bake in just 12 minutes. This is my go-to way to cook salmon.

Of course, you can use a basket air fryer (a little more cleanup involved) or an oven (a little longer preheating and cooking time). Your fish will turn out delicious either way.

Choosing your own seasoning

Lemon pepper and dried dill are flavors that pair really well with salmon, and I always have them in my spice cabinet. I recently stumbled upon a delicious spice blend from Trader Joe's called Seasoning in a Pickle. It's complex and full of dill and garlic flavor – much like kosher pickles. I'm using it instead of plain dried dill for an extra flavor boost. Either works well, so use whatever you have.

Just Recipes / Coco Morante

Salmon dinner


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