Easy Ground Beef Taco Casserole Recipe (20 minutes)


Taco night is perfect, but heating the tortillas, making all the fillings, and assembling each taco one after the other can be tedious. When you've got a family to feed, it can feel downright exhausting. Reply? This easy taco casserole.

Made with ground beef, taco seasoning, black beans, salsa, cheese and your choice of toppings, it's somewhere between a taco casserole and nachos. You can easily change the recipe to suit your taste, swapping out the cheese for cheddar or pepper jack, using hot salsa or adding pickled peppers for a little heat, and chopped Can be topped with avocado or guacamole.

Crunchy chips add a lot of texture when layered with meat and beans, and the whole dish comes together in just 20 minutes. Kids will love the crowd-pleasing flavors and textures, and they'll have fun adding their own toppings before digging in.

2 Quick Tips for Making Taco Casserole

  1. Taco seasoning packets contain a thickening agent that helps absorb some of the liquid in the salsa. This helps thicken the liquid so the chips are coated without completely absorbing the sauce.
  2. Use firm, thick-style tortilla chips, not restaurant-style chips. I love the Greenwise brand.

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Make it next

This taco casserole comes together in no time, but you can break up the prep to make dinner time even faster. Make the beef mixture ahead of time, and refrigerate it for up to three days. Just don't add the chips until you're ready to bake so they don't get soggy.

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