The 3 Best New Trader Joe's Finds I Bought in March

Lately, I've been snagging more and more new items during my regular trips to Trader Joe's. Without fail, I return home with a few new items to try, and my husband's face lights up. (He also ate all my chili and lime rolled tortilla chips, and I'm still trying to get over that.)

Due to my questionable shopping habits, I can say with some confidence that I've tried almost every new edible product at Trader Joe's this month. While they were all good, some were. Great. Great, I hope they aren't seasonal and stay on the shelf for a long time. Plus, they're total bargains—something worth noting with food prices so high.

Here are three of the best things I bought at Trader Joe's this month.

Simple recipes / photo illustration by Wanda Abraham / Laurel Randolph

Trader Joe's Mini Chocolate Chip Croissant Spins ($3.99)

If you've ever tried TJ's other frozen croissant offerings, you'll understand why I was excited to try this one. The grocery store has easily cracked the code on frozen French pastries, making it easy to whip up a whole batch of warm, fresh croissants any old day for about the same price as one from a local bakery.

These twists are enjoyed on their frozen chocolate croissants, making them even easier to share. They're a delightful addition to a brunch platter, and they'll make your house smell like heaven as they bake. These pastries are nicely flaky and buttery, but my favorite part? They are not very cute.

Simple recipes / photo illustration by Wanda Abraham / Laurel Randolph

Trader Joe's Organic Darjeeling White Tea ($4.99)

This is one of the biggest deals I've found at TJ's in recent memory. Do a quick search online, and you'll see that it's not unusual for the same amount of organic white tea to fetch three times that price. The beautiful box includes twenty tea bags that can be easily stacked.

I love tea, and for an off-the-shelf, super-cheap bagged tea, this is incredibly good. White tea is a milder, more subtle cousin of black tea (it's made using the same plant, but with smaller leaves). It is low in caffeine and high in floral and citrus notes. I like to steep this tea for five minutes, but it would also taste great with a squeeze of lemon. Also, the box is nice enough that it would make a beautiful addition to a gift basket.

Simple recipes / photo illustration by Wanda Abraham / Laurel Randolph

Trader Joe's Organic Couscous ($1.79)

For the past few months, my local Trader Joe's has only been carrying Israeli couscous, a large thick version of couscous that is similar to mini pasta. I was happy to see the more common Moroccan couscous appear on the shelves and a new organic version at that.

This is another big deal. For comparison, a 10-ounce box of Whole Foods Store Brand Organic Couscous retails for $3.29, while TJ's version costs just $1.79 for 12 ounces. A steal!

I especially appreciate that the box includes instructions for preparing the couscous in the microwave. While the box calls for cooking one cup of couscous, I've found that you can prepare half a cup (one cup cooked). Use a little more than half a cup of water and microwave for two minutes, then fluff and serve.

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