According to Tupperware, the only way you can organize food storage containers


No matter how good my intentions, the cabinets under the kitchen island are always an avalanche of food storage containers and lids. I try my best to sort and stack them and it seems like a jumbled mess after a few days.

There are many ways to organize your food storage containers and their lids, depending on how much space you have and the sheer number of items. An expert at Tupperware, who knows a thing or two about organization, offers great ideas.

“Here's a simple tip to keep things fresh. Always keep containers under lids. This helps prevent any odors from building up inside the containers,” says Patricia Escudero Fernandez, Global Director of Product Innovation and Management for Tupperware.

She recommends nesting the smaller containers inside the larger containers, then placing all the lids under them from largest to smallest. If you have a lot of containers, this can create an unstable, wobbly tower. That's when you want to store lids and containers separately, but in the same place.

“Store lids in a similar shape and size in a vertical position using your drawer or cabinet walls to hold them,” says Escudero. “Next to them, nest the containers by shape and size. This will help keep the lids in place.”

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For even more neatness, you can use a box or dividers to keep the lids straight. You can also buy specially made organizers that keep lids clean. These organizers stack the lids vertically. Some resemble boxes, while others are wall-mounted and can be placed inside the cabinet door where you keep your containers.

“They can be a good idea to give your storage space some structure and keep it organized. But they're not absolutely necessary,” says Escudero. “You can create an organized space by following the tips mentioned above and using boxes you already have in your home.”

Some companies, including Tupperware, make containers that can be put together with their lids. There are also combinations where the lids can be broken off at the bottom of the containers so they can be stacked.

To make it easier to find the right lid, Tupperware also has some containers and lids with matching letters so you know you've made the right combination.

The perfect place to organize your food storage containers

Some lucky ones have a deep drawer with dividers, designed just for storage containers. If you don't have one, just dedicate one cabinet or drawer to storage.

“A deep drawer prevents containers from tipping over and can make container access easier. Yet shelves, when well organized, can also work just fine,” says Escudero. “In this case, place the nested containers in the front and in height in the back so that you have a good display of your containers.”


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