I own four of this little kitchen tool—I can't cook without it


I don't think it's possible to own too many measuring cups. I've been collecting them for years and still manage to use them all several times a week. I usually pick them up when they go on sale or when I find them at estate sales. However, I am willing to pay full price for my absolute favorite measuring cup.

An Instagram post by cookbook author Julia Tarshin introduced me OXO Mini Angle Measuring Cup ($7) several years ago. Like a normal person, I only bought one of these to begin with. As I developed my favorite recipes, however, I found that whenever I needed a quarter cup or less of liquid ingredients, I automatically reached for my lone mini measuring cup.

How do I use my mini measuring cup?

Whether I'm measuring a quarter cup of oil for a cake or a spoonful of soy sauce for a stir-fry, the mini measuring cup allows me to accurately measure ingredients that can get messy if you use a spoon. (or a very large measuring cup). This little tool also makes its way to my bar cart, where I use it to mix cocktails and mocktails. I can't be the only one who makes a huge mess of trying to use liver.

It wasn't long before my husband caught on and the demand for measuring cups was even greater, so we got another one. Then a third. Then the fourth. You may have heard that widening a highway inconsistently leads to worse traffic. It's a similar story for these measuring cups. The more of them you own, the more you use them.

Even with four on hand, I still regularly use them all between dishwasher cycles, meaning I often resort to cleaning them by hand so I never have to do without them ( fearsome!)

Simple recipes / photo examples by Wanda Abraham / Retailers below

This makes measuring components a breeze.

My favorite thing about this measuring cup is that, like the larger angled measuring cups that OXO sells, you can read the measurements from the top instead of having to bend over to read them from the side of the cup. Therefore accurate measurement is even easier.

The smaller size also means less of the ingredients are left behind, sticking to the sides and bottom of the cup. When I use a mini measuring cup with a sticky ingredient like honey or molasses, I lightly spray the inside with cooking spray so the ingredient slides right out and nothing is left behind.

Is it crazy to own four of the same kitchen appliance? Maybe, but the satisfaction of scooping out my battery with mismatched measuring spoons instead of using that cute little cup is worth a little obsession.

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