Trader Joe's now carries the “Hottest Beer in America” ​​- this is my favorite


I like beer, but I'm not a beer drinker because I have a genetic condition that means my body can't break down alcohol. (I am Really Fun at parties.)

So when The Wall Street Journal After it was recently reported that a non-alcoholic beer brand called Athletic had overtaken Heineken and Budweiser as the top-selling beer brand in grocery stores in the U.S., I jumped in the car and hollered. Headed to Foods. (The store says it now sells more Athletic than any other beer, including liquor.)

Non-alcoholic, but not zero alcohol.

Athletic beers are considered non-alcoholic but contain less than 0.5% alcohol, the same as commercially brewed kombucha.

Does this non-alcoholic beer deserve to be called “America's Hottest Beer”? WSJ? I opened a box and now I keep it in my fridge next to sparkling water, milk and OJ. If you've ever been disappointed by a non-alcoholic beer—I don't blame you—Athletic will change your mind. This is a really great beer, without the alcohol. Every style of beer I've tried is bubbly, highly aromatic and delicious.

The stuff is everywhere these days, including your local Trader Joe's — I recently discovered that it now carries Athletic Beer at the best price I've seen ($10.99 for a six-pack).

Just Recipes / Myo Quinn

Athletic regularly releases limited edition and seasonal blends, but the evergreen ones I've tried and love are:

  • Play Wild IPA.: This is a quick and tasty beer that you can make this summer by adding lemonade or grapefruit juice to make it shady.
  • Freeview Hazy IPA: If you like Fat Tire Ale, you'll love this one. It is creamy, smooth and sour.
  • Reverse Don Golden: This refreshing, easy-drinking beer is my favorite among the options. I wouldn't have pizza at home without opening one of these.
  • Cerveza Athletica Light Copper: This is a bright and refreshing Mexican-style beer, which means it's light and slightly sweet.


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